Satnaveasy tried to *** me

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Ordered a brand new GPS from Satnaveasy through Amazon Market place.Paid premium price to get a new item so what did Satnaveasy do?

They sent me a refurbed white boxed factory reconned item. Not what I wanted! If I did I would have bought one from them and paid a £100 less. Rang them up and a lot of pressure was put on me to accept and keep unit.

Even offered a £30 refund. Cheek! Returned unit and eventually got refund and even £10 towards postage cost after sending another mail. So I took advantage of Amazons feedback function.

Gave a factual resume of what happened and a neutral feedback. Next thing I get a real sob story of an email from Satnaveasy saying how sorry they were, all a terrible mistake etc and if I withdraw feedback they will compensate with £10. So I give them the benefit of the doubt and withdraw feedback. You guessed it -no £10.

Just another ***.Be warned if you do business with this company, make sure you really get what you wanted and paid for and be very wary of anything they say.

Review about: Zumo Gps.

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